About Us

Company Profile

OP Machine is a machine shop located in the beautiful Okanagan valley servicing local and international customers. We specialize in milling and turning of steel, aluminum, and engineered plastics for a variety of industries including Medical, Forestry, Adventure Sports, and Alternative Energy. OP Machine can take your project from conception to completion and has the experience and proven track record to deliver quality parts on time and at a competitive price.

What we do

Reliability, innovation and integrity have defined OP Machine’s commitment to superior quality and exceptional service since it was established in 1995. Our professional and collaborative approach with our customers, combined with implementing practical, cost effective manufacturing solutions has been a key factor to our continued growth and success.

Over the years, the shop has expanded to service both local and international clients in a wide variety of industries including forestry, food and beverage processing, agriculture, mining, oil and gas, construction, healthcare, alternative energy, cannabis/hemp and adventure sports/tourism.

OP Machine’s proven manufacturing and product development capabilities can provide you with a wide variety of parts, including those with high degrees of complexity and tolerances.  Our consistency in manufacturing and reliable delivery times provide you with the certainty you need to execute your business the way you envision.

Dimension verification and documentation are done at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure all your parts meet your high standard and comply with your specifications.

OP Machine believes it is our responsibility to work along with you to lower the cost of your parts.  Whether through product redesign suggestions, streamlining manufacturing processes or helping source lower cost suppliers without sacrificing quality, OP Machine will help you lower costs.

Whether your manufacturing requirements range from individual components, to complete development, design and manufacturing solutions, OP Machine will satisfy you.

OP Machine is presently certified and registered with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standard.

Our Management & Staff

Collectively the team has over 100 years of diverse experience with each team member bringing a different set of strengths to ensure our customers have a positive experience working with OP Machine. We maintain a positive, productive and safe work environment that is key to providing our customers with the best quality and service.


Ben Patterson

A journeyman machinist since 2000, Ben’s machining, programming and management knowledge makes him an ideal person to run the shop floor for OP Machine.  His diverse experience across industries and product lines from prototypes to full scale production gives our customers a great knowledge base to draw from as well as assurances their parts are being manufactured in a cost effective manner.

How Ben helps you:

  • Ensures efficient and proper production of your parts
  • Gets you a free quote
  • Identifies part deficiencies prior to production
  • Sources high quality outside parts customers may require as part of a larger product requiring assembly
  • Can give reliable estimates for delivery date of your parts


Ben is a critical part of OPM’s process to ensure we are using our time and resources effectively so that ultimately, your costs are kept as low as possible.  From sourcing parts and raw materials through to managing the manufacturing and/or assembly process for your parts, Ben will make sure you get what you need, when you need it.


Jeff Janzen, CFA

Jeff is a Chartered Financial Analyst (2006) with over 16 years experience in financial, management, and analytical roles.  Jeff looks after the business and administrative side of OP Machine and ensures the company is on track to meet customer demands.

Jeff can help you:

  • Quoting
  • Make financing or capital project decisions
  • With Microsoft Excel
  • With project economics and risk assessment to/for your business
  • General business advice and risk mitigation strategies for your company


Jeff is more than happy to help customers with budgeting, risk analysis, and general business or financing decisions if they need help.  We are positive that no other CNC machine company can offer these free services to their customers.

If you want to reach Jeff, please contact jeff@opmachine.com or call 236-361-4443


Erin Burkard

Erin is OP Machine’s Swiss Army Knife and likely your first point of contact.  From administrative duties to helping with quoting, packaging and shipping, and generally keeping the rest of the team in line, Erin is a key part of the team when it comes to keeping customers satisfied.

Erin will help you:

  • Obtain a free quote
  • Check on your order
  • Ensure all the proper documentation accompanies your order


You can reach Erin at opm@opmachine.com or call 250-765-1611


The Rest of the Team

The machinists at OP Machine are professional at what they do, providing customers with quality parts to their specifications consistently, reliably and on time.   They are the core of what we do and get a lot of satisfaction when a customer is pleased with their work.