Do you have an idea, a sketch, a model built out of cardboard? Let OP Machine's knowledgeable staff help take your concept from paper to a cost effective, high quality, working prototype.

Contact us to discuss how we can help develop a working 3D model for your project and bring it to realization.

At OP Machine, we offer a variety of development and design services that provide our customers with more value added solutions. The design team at OP Machine can help take concepts through the development stages while maintaining focus on effective manufacturing steps. Having the capacity to produce a working prototype, we can identify and resolve design issues  promptly, saving cost and time.

Having extensive knowledge in the manufacturing sector, we can breath new life into older designs by supplying cost effective replacement parts or using our experience to redesign a dated or inefficient system. Utilizing our in-house FARO Arm, we can reverse engineer most parts of small to medium size with exacting precision, creating drawings and providing manufacturing support for replication. Whether you require CAD modeling, reverse engineering, prototype development, or design troubleshooting, OP Machine can provide a solution.