From simple one off parts to complicated geometric components with extremely tight
tolerances, our turning department can meet your most demanding application.

From small prototype runs to large-volume production, we provide unmatched precision at a competitive price.

Contact us to discuss a tailored assembly program to maximize the value of your product.


OP Machine employs both CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) and manual turning equipment enabling us to accommodate a wide array of customer requirements. Large and small production runs are supported by a bar feed system, giving shorter lead times and greater cost effectiveness. Live tooling adds to our CNC Lathes versatility by reducing the number of operations needed for more complex geometries. With the recent addition of a new CNC turning center, our lathe capacity has doubled further reducing part lead time. This now enables us to offer quick turnaround solutions for time sensitive parts where precision, quality, and good value are paramount.


  • Maximum cutting diameter  21"
  • Maximum cutting length  26"
  • Spindle Bore  3"
  • Live tooling