From simple one off parts to complicated geometric components with extremely tight
tolerances, our turning department can meet your most demanding application.

From small prototype runs to large-volume production, we provide unmatched precision at a competitive price.

Contact us to discuss a tailored assembly program to maximize the value of your product.

Quality Assurance

OP Machine is currently certified and registered with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system standard. This system was implemented to better support the requirements of our customers, to ensure a quality product, and to provide a system of continuous improvement for the management of the company. Quality checks are performed throughout the manufacturing process from raw material inspections, first article reviews, and final part analysis, all with supporting documentation guaranteeing traceability and accountability.

Regular non-conformance analysis, preventive and corrective action programs, and internal and external audits add to the system's effectiveness, highlighting areas of improvement and reinforcing quality objectives.

OP Machine boasts a low part return/rework rate while maintaining exceptional on-time delivery often meeting or beating our customer's delivery requirements. A strong quality program is key to providing this high level of service and it is OP Machine's philosophy to continue striving for excellence and exceed our customer's expectations.

ISO Certified