From simple one off parts to complicated geometric components with extremely tight
tolerances, our turning department can meet your most demanding application.

From small prototype runs to large-volume production, we provide unmatched precision at a competitive price.

Contact us to discuss a tailored assembly program to maximize the value of your product.


Our CNC milling department is the cornerstone in OP Machine's multifaceted production services. These machines can perform many labor intensive operations with extreme accuracy and consistency, producing quality parts in both production and prototype size lots. Three complete machine centers, two having high capacity tool holders, allows us to accommodate various jobs quickly and efficiently without the need for full tear down and re-setup making time sensitive jobs affordable while having less impact on scheduled work. Fourth axis milling capabilities further reduce manufacturing costs and lead times with fewer setups and operations for complex features.


  • Maximum XYZ travels  50"x20"x25"
  • Maximum Table Size 52"x18"
  • Programmable Fourth axis machining