Do you have an idea, a sketch, a model built out of cardboard? Let OP Machine's knowledgeable staff help take your concept from paper to a cost effective, high quality, working prototype.

Contact us to discuss how we can help develop a working 3D model for your project and bring it to realization.

3D Modeling

OP Machine offers full service design and drafting capabilities utilizing the latest in 3D CAD software. Individual parts up to multilevel assemblies can be created in 3D allowing design intent and part integration to be analyzed prior to manufacturing. The versatility of accepting most CAD file types gives OP Machine the ability to create exacting precision and efficiency from initial estimating, to layout and design, and the development of appropriate manufacturing processes. Fully dimensioned drawings are developed for production and can be made available upon customer request.

Our preferred methods in providing 3D Modeling services are supported by SolidWorks and GibbsCAM.